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Updated on 22nd November 2020

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Online quiz


You can of course cheat and look at the answers before you have had a go yourself - but what would be the point. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.

I am happy to email you the quiz if it would be better for you.


Holly Bush Sunday Night Online Quiz

Round 1   15th November 2020



1  Colours What is the colour of mourning in China and japan?


2 Space In which New Mexico town did a rash occur in 1947 prompting speculation about flying saucers?


3 Geography What is the highest point in the range of hills east of Jerusalem?


4 Food & Drink Provolone is what type of food?


5 Cars Which luxury car manufacturer makes the Veyron model?


6 Films Which 1969 car caper ends with a bus teetering on the dge of a cliff?


7 Holland In Holland what name is given to lane reclaimed from the sea?


8 Television What was the number allocated to Patrick McGoohan’s character in the cult series The prisoner?



9 French Which French phrase describes camaraderie particularly amongst soldiers?


10 Islands Sumatra belongs to which country?


11 Plant life What type of plant is witer savory?


12 Words What is contained in a Reliquary?


13 Swimming Who became the first man to swim the English Channel?


14 Music Son of a preacher man was a 1968 hit for which singer?


15 Law Who is the chief law officer of the Crown in Scotland?



TB  In which year did the first London Marathon take place?  




Holly Bush Sunday Night Quiz

Round 2  


1  Food & Drink In cookery what does “to chiffonade” mean?


2 Art Which artist exhibited an unmade bed at the Tate Gallery in 1999?


3 Sport Which sports name derives from the Norwegian for “sloping path”?


4 Cartoons Cartoonist Matt is associated with which daily newspaper?


5 Parish Which famous landmark can you visit on the Ille de la Cite?


6 Medicine Which field of medicine deals with bones and muscles?


7 Music What was the venue for the English Live Aid concert in 1985?


8 Cricket What is the term for the large white board used to help players see the ball?



9 Monuments London’s Monument commemorates which event?


10 Films Which actors last film was The Shootist (1976)?


11 Crime on TV Rupert Penry-Jones and Phil Davis starred in which London-based crime series?


12 Motoring The proton car company was founded in which company?


13 Boxing In Olympic boxing which two colours are used for gloves, headgear, and uniform?


14 Geography On which UK island is Blackgang Chine?


15 USA Which is California’s second largest city?



TB  In which decade was the polaroid instant camera introduced?




Holly Bush Sunday Night Quiz

Round 3   


1  Stately Homes With which 1960 scandal was Clivedon associated?


2 Ranks What is the RAF rank between wing commander and air commodore?


3 Films Which UK actor played the character Hans Gruber in the 1988 film Die hard?


4 Plays Who wrote the 1960 play The Dumb Waiter?


5 Television Which actor played Captain Mainwaring in the original tv series of Dad’s Army?


6 Food & Drink  What is an Egremont Russet?


7 Names What is the Scottish variant o the English name James?


8 US States Which is the only US state name that can be typed using only the middle row of the standard computer keyboard?



9 Words What is the literal meaning of the word ‘hypodermic’?


10 James Bond What was Sir Roger Moore’s first Bond film?


11 Theatres Which Berkshire town has a theatre called The hexagon?


12 Mammals Which is the only mammal that produces eggs?


13 History What relation was Elizabeth first to Mary first?  


14 Science What term is given to the curved upper surface of liquid in a tube?


15 Victorian What name was given to the wheeled hut that swimmers used in Victorian times?



TB  In what year was Nelson Mandela released from prison?




This is a difficult quiz

- definitely NOT for the squeamish