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Updated on 4th August 2020

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Online quiz


You can of course cheat and look at the answers before you have had a go yourself - but what would be the point. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.

I am happy to email you the quiz if it would be better for you.


Holly Bush Sunday Night Online Quiz

Round 1   12th July 2020  QUESTIONS


1 First  Who was the first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at its formation in 1935?


2 Names Which warm dry wind in the Rocky Mountains shares its name with a type of helicopter?


3 Food & Drink In which French region is Chablis made?



4 Rivers Which river runs through Florence in Italy?


5 Literature Dolores Haze is the 12-year-old character in which 1955 novel?


6 Science If the perigee is the closest point of the Moon to the earth during its orbit what is the name given to its furthest point?


7 Art Why is the face of Lisa Gherardini so familiar, even iconic?


8 Politics Which European political leader faced trial for sex with an underage Moroccan belly dancer in 2011?



9 Fashion A traditional pirate hat would be an example of what type of hat?


10 Numbers What is the significance of the following numbers, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144?


11 Films Which actor played the butler to Didley Moore’s character in the original film Arthur?


12 France Which French king earned the name The Sun King during his reign from 1643 to 1715?


13 Sport Alpine Skiing is made up of which two disciplines?


14 Rugby Which English rugby league club play on the same site as a Test match cricket ground?


15 History Who (allegedly) fell off his boat in 1991 never to be seen again?



TB  The year when Noel Coward was born?  




Holly Bush Sunday Night Quiz

Round 2  


1  Literature Who was the author of the novel the 39 steps on which the films were based (sometimes loosely)


2 Science Which microbiologist produced the first vaccine for rabies?


3 Inventors What did American scientist Charles Townes invent?


4 Charities Which charity formed in 1969 is London’s largest charity for the homeless?


5 Art What is the more popular title of the painting ‘Arrangement in grey and black Number one’?


6 Opera In 1934 the Christie Family first hosted an era festival at which country estate near Lewes?


7 Theatre Which playwright created The Room (1957)?


8 Geography Which is the largest area of inland water in mainland Britain?



9 Inventors What was Noyce and Kilby’s massive contribution to 20th century progress?


10 Wartime Who was the inventor of the WW2 bouncing bomb?


11 Headlines Who was shot by Jack Ruby?


12 China What was the last Chinese imperial dynasty lasting from the mid 17th century to the formation of the republic in 1912?


13 Professions What would your profession mostly be if you had the letters FRCVS after your name?


14 Presidents Which four US presidents have been assassinated whilst in office?


15 Food & Drink Vodka with cranberry juice and grapefruit juice is a cocktail known by which name?



TB  The year in which George Washington died?




Holly Bush Sunday Night Quiz

Round 3   


1  James Bond Which actor played Bond in the film The world is not enough?


2 Chemicals He is the chemical symbol for which element?


3 Game Shows Who hosted the show Deal or No Deal?


4 Shakespeare Which tragic king had three daughters?


5 Television What is the surname of the central gangster family in the tv series Peaky Blinders?


6 Art Who created the Angel of the north sculpture?


7 Geography Which mountain range runs through Peru and Chile?


8 Literature Who wrote the 1968 novel  Airport?



9 Laws Which 1707 law joined England to Scotland?


10 Groups What word is used to describe a group of dolphins?


11 Times Past Before the invention of the clock, what was anticlockwise known as?


12 Kings & Queens What name was shared by all the Kings from the house of Lancaster?


13 Capitals Of what country is Ankara the capital?


14 Fiction In the books by W E Johns what was the name of the wartime flying ace?


15 The Bible Which book of the Bible tells the story of the birth of Moses?



TB  The year when the name of the new Director general of MI6 was named publicly (Stella Rimmington)




This is a difficult quiz

- definitely NOT for the squeamish