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Updated on 1st January 2021

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Online quiz


You can of course cheat and look at the answers before you have had a go yourself - but what would be the point. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.

I am happy to email you the quiz if it would be better for you.


This is a difficult quiz

- definitely NOT for the squeamish

Holly Bush Seighford Sunday Night Online Quiz

Round 1   13th December 2020

1 Inventors    What did Alfred Nobel make his fortune by inventing?


2 Taxation   What tax did William Pitt introduce in 1799 as a temporary measure?


3 Kings & Queens   Which English King died a prisoner in Pontefract Castle?


4 Films   In which film does Miss Froy do disappearing act while on a train journey?


5 USA   What is the USA equivalent of a British ring road?


6 Politics   Which Minister of Transport introduced the breathalyzer?


7 Coinage   What coin was introduced in Britain in 1982?


8 Food & Drink    What two main ingredients are needed to make Welsh Rarebit?



9 Plays   In which Richard Brinsley Sheridan play does Mrs. Malaprop appear?


10 Saints   Who was the saint of England before the adoption of St George?


11 Music   Who had a number one hit in 1972 with “Mouldy old dough”?


12 Television   Who was the host of television archaeology programme Time Team?


13 Sayings   Who said, “It’s not that I am afraid of dying, I just don’t want to be there when it happens”?


14 Theme Music   Which long running US series had a theme tune that was turned into a chart hit with the title “Suicide is painless”?


15 Sacrifice   Which suffragette threw herself under the King’s horse during the 1913 Epsom Derby?



TB  In which year   was Nelson Mandela released from prison on Robin Island?  




Holly Bush Sunday Night Quiz

Round 2  


1 Musicals  Which musical includes the song “All I ask of you”?


2 Kings & Queens Which Anglo Saxon King was born at Wantage in around 849 and ruled the kingdom of Wessex from 871 to 899?


3 Lefties Roughly what percentage of the world’s population is left-handed?


4 Fashion Linen  fabric is made from the fibres of which plant?


5 Real Crime Which television programme about real crime was presented  for many years by Shaw Taylor?


6 Births Which fictional character was born on St Valentine’s Day the daughter of Lord Henshingley Croft?


7 Explorer Which great English explorer was murdered in the Sandwich Islands?


8 Literature In which 1999 children’s book dos the title character has “terrible tusks and terrible claws on terrible teeth in his terrible jaws”?



9 Firsts What was the name of the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine?


10 Legends What was the name of the legendary golden city sought by the conquistadors in South America?


11 Geography In which country did the Contras and the Sandinista compete for power in the 1980’s?


12 Architects Which Spanish architect designed the Sagrada Familia cathedral  in Barcelona begun in 1880 and still unfinished?


13 Shapes What shape is something that is oviform?


14 Coinage What coin disappeared  from British coinage in 1960?


15 Postage Stamps Who was the first non-royal personality to appear on a British postage stamp?



TB  In what year was the IRA ceasefire announced?




Holly Bush Sunday Night Quiz

Round 3   


1 Literature  Who was the creator of Jeremy Fisher?


2 Music “Wherever I lay my hat (that’s my home) was a 1983 single  by which singer?


3 Battles At which battle did Henry Tudor defeat Richard Third in 1485?


4 Space Which was the last Apollo mission to land men on the moon?


5 Records In which decade did Guinness start to produce their Book of Records annually?


6 USA Which US state lies east of Kansas?


7 Films Who directed the 1982 film Gandhi?


8 Football Which was the first British soccer side to win the European Cup?



9 Fashion Which fashion item was Imelda Marcos famous for collecting?


10 Nicknames Who had the nickname, “The Louisville Lip”?


11 Food & Drink What is taramasalata made from?


12 Genius Which inventor defined genius as “99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”?


13 Olympics Which Olympic sport is raced over a distance of 51.5km?


14 Best Sellers Which trilogy published in 2011 and 2012 made up the three best selling books in both the UK and the USA in 2010’s?


15 Art Which London square does the National Gallery stand on?  



TB  Name the year when Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti died aged 71?