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Updated on 22nd November 2020

Eccleshall Guide

25 Wheelwright Drive, Eccleshall, Staffs, ST21 LB
01785 851381 07815 419166  email:

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 about the guide     festival     councillors   bed n breakfast   estate agents  2019 pics

Eccleshall  News

The Eccleshall column is supplied to the Stafford and Stone Newsletters and Market Drayton / Newport Advertisers each week

Items for publication in the local newspapers and magazines can be sent to Peter Jones,

email: or by post to 25 Wheelwright Drive, Eccleshall,
ST21 6LB or telephone 01785 851381.

Posters for the town notice board and items for publication can also be left at the I Tech shop in Stafford Street, Eccleshall courtesy of Tom Court. You can also send posters on email and I will print them.

Due to the Corona Virus local news is disrupted and events and clubs have been closed for the duration

For the edition dated 18th November 2020

LOCAL BUSINESSES: As always during these difficult times please try to support our local businesses, many will be offering take out and even home delivery which we should attempt to make use of. When we return to what we like to call normal times our community will need our local businesses to have survived and be there    for the future.

BEECH ROAD: The play area at Beech Road is one of many dozens currently owned and operated by the Stafford Borough Council but one which the Eccleshall Parish Council hopes to take over and invents in the site. It is one of the projects that the council has been involved in for some month now and they are awaiting approval from the borough Council. Funds will be put on one side in the budget for 2021/2022.

BELL RINGING: Even our own tower bell ringers at Holy Trinity Church have been affected by the Covid-19 regulations, for those lucky enough to have paid a visit to the bell tower will know that it can get  a little crowded when the full team are present. Ventilation was going to be a problem since there was only one large window in the room and it did not open. The solution was to raise the access trapdoor in the clock room floor which increased ventilation and air circulation. The overall effect of this and the doors open it can cause quite a gale in the tower. Like everyone else the ringers are looking forward to happier times.

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE: The maintenance of the various sites which the Parish Council is responsible for will be asking for quotations from local providers. The grass cutting etc on Parish Council land is usually carried out by local companies and they will be asked to make to bids for the work.

COUNCILLORS SURGERY: The regular surgeries usual held monthly have been curtailed due to the safety consideration during the Covid 19 emergency however your local Borough and County councillors are still available by phone or email. County and borough Councillor Jeremy Pert can be reached at 07740 924659 email and Borough Councillor Peter Jones can be reached at 01785 85`1381, 07815 419166, email,

LOCKDOWN EFFECT: The various community rooms in the parish had been seeing a rise in occupation until the four-week lockdown put a damper on bookings. Like many businesses expenses still need paying but with no income reserves are soon eaten away. The community centre in Shaws Lane, Offley Hay Village hall and the Broughton parish room are just three of the centres suffering from the restrictions.

LICENCES NEEDED: Permission to install Christmas trees on or over County Owned footpaths or highways it needed each year and permission for the Eccleshall ones has been applied for. On October 21 twenty tree brackets were safety checked as part of the ongoing checks carried out by the Ecclian Society. The erection of the trees will be done over several days this year as opposed to the one day which it usually takes.

BRING SMILES IN DECEMBER: Sylvia Keris from Eccleshall, an ambassador for the Biddy bag Foundation charity  - which provides children with a backpack of essential clothing and toiletries, when they are taken to safety from domestic abuse has been very busy in lockdown, acting as a collecting point for knitted teddies. These are included as a comfort toy in each childs backpack. Thousands of bears made with love by kind knitters have been delivered this year to the backpacking sessions. Each fortnightly event packs 180 buddy bags for vulnerable children in refuges and safe houses.
Now, with the Christmas season approaching amidst Covid restrictions, preventing many families festive events
let alone children experiencing abuse Sylvia knows some may be feeling a bit sad at this time. So she has decided to bring a smile to peoples faces by dressing up as an elf every day in December up to Christmas!
Sylvia will be going about in her everyday tasks, whether doing her food shopping, taking a daily walk or essential volunteering work for Buddy bags
but dressed as a n elf.
So if you see a happy elf in the community, just smile and please continue to support the biddy bag Foundation by knitting teddies; or perhaps considering a donation to their Christmas campaign, to fund the increased need for Buddy Backpacks at this time, by visiting their website at, where you can also leave a festive message for family and friends. For knitted teddy deliveries please contact Sylvia on 01785 851005.

Pic: Sylvia with the latest delivery of knitted teddies