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Updated on 17th September 2020

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Online quiz answers


The regular Sunday night quiz takes place at the Hollybush Pub, Seighford starting at 8.30pm every week. £1 per person admission fee, cash and wine and chocs as the prizes.

Holly Bush Sunday Night Online Quiz

Round 1   23rd August 2020 ANSWERS


1  Geography Which two South American countries don’t border Brazil?

  Chile and Ecuador

2 Collectors What does a phillumenist collect?

  Matchboxes or their labels

3 Ball Games What’s the game if your balls are black and blue and your opponents are red and yellow?


4 French What is the English translation of the French term Sang-froid?

  Cold Blood

5 Words What is regicide?

  Killing a king

6 Animals What type of animal is Napoleon in Animal Farm?

  A pig  

7 Literature Who was the mistress of D H Lawrence’s Wragley hall?

  Lady Chatterley

8 Food & Drink What are wrapped in bacon to make angels on horseback



9 Retailing What percentage of the book price in the UK goes to the author?

  Ten percent

10 All Greek Euclid established the foundations of which branch of study?


11 Mobile networks Which two providers merged to form Everything Everywhere (EE) in 2010?

  T-Mobile and Orange

12 Films George C Scott played which general in the 1970 film of the same name?


13 Music Which music streaming service from Sweden was launched in 2008?


14 Ships What is kept in the binnacle onboard a ship?

  The Compass

15 Football Which colourful musical instrument dominated the FIFA World Cup in South Africa?



TB  In what year was VAT introduced in Britain?  




Holly Bush Sunday Night Quiz

Round 2  


1  Food & Drink  What is the term given to a side of unsliced bacon?

  A flitch  

2 Banknotes Who appeared on the first polymer £10 bank notes released in 2017?

  Jane Austen

3 Music Which group sang “I’d like to teach the world to sing”

  New Seekers

4 Education Which country is home to the world’s oldest continuously operating university?

  Morocco the university of al-Qarawiyyin in Fez established in A.D. 859

5 Shakespeare From which of his plays does the line “Never a lender nor a borrower be”?


6 Nobility What is your title if you hold the highest rank of nobility in the UK ( I assume discounting HM The  Queen etc)

  Royal Duke

7 Animals What term is used to describe a hoofed animal?


8 Crime Who solves the crime in Death on the Nile?

  Hercule Poirot


9 Palaces Which monarch bought  Buckingham Palace?

  George third

10 Poetry Which poet wrote “Sea Fever”?

  John Masefield

11 Seas Which sea is the deepest?

  The Caribbean

12 History In what year did the Gunpowder Plot take place?


13 USA In which US state is Mount Rushmore?

  South Dakota

14 Motor Racing What do wet Formula One tyres have that dry ones don’t?


15 Television The police drama Blue Bloods takes place in which US city?

  New York


TB  When was British Gas privatised?




Holly Bush Sunday Night Quiz

Round 3   


1 Rivers  What body of water does the Euphrates river empty into?

  The Persian Gulf

2 Medicine What is the medical term for a bruise?


3 Solar System What is the second largest planet in the Solar System?


4 Diamonds The name of which famous diamond means Mountain of light ?


5 Diseases What was known as the Royal Disease?


6 Rugby What is the name of the rugby stadium in Llanelli that closed in 2008?

  Stradey Park

7 Words What word occurs 46,227 times in the Holy Bible?


8 Comedy What was the name of the character played by John Le Mesurier in the original Dad’s Army

  Sgt Wilson


9 Travelling On UK roads what is the standard national speed limit for a car on a single carriageway towing a trailer?


10 Armour What is the name for  a piece of armour worn over the chest?


11 War The battle of Bunker Hill took place during which war?

  American Revolutionary War

12 Russia What ocean lies to the east of Russia?

  The Pacific Ocean

13 Gods Who was the Norse god of War and poetry?


14 Opera Which Verdi opera is set in Egypt?


15 Greece Which Trojan king was defeated by the Greeks?



TB  The year when the first US astronaut orbits the Earth?