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Online quiz answers

Holly Bush Sunday Night Online Quiz

Round 1   21st June 2020   ANSWERS


1  People Which figure as recognizable as a president fort a few years was the US Senator for Wisconsin from 1947 to 1957?

  Joe McCarthy

2 Nursery Rhymes Who confessed to the killing of Cock Robin?

  The Sparrow

3 Art Canaletto is best known for his portraits of Venice and which other City?


4 Royals Who is married to the Earl of Wessex?

  Sophie Rhys-Jones to prince Edward

5 Films Who played Rick Blaine in the film Casablanca?

  Humphrey Bogart

6 Food & Drink Which type of wheat is used in gnocchi?


7 Literature Who wrote the classic children’s story The Secret Garden?

  Frances Hodgson Burnett

8 Television  Who was asked for the bolt in the original Golden Shot?



9 Weather If the weather is calm  what is the wind force on the Beaufort Scale?

  NIL (0)

10 France In France what is the abbreviation for Mademoiselle?


11 Latin Which year was described as H M The Queen as  “annus horribilis”?


12 Counties What is the administrative centre for the county of Cleveland?


13 Motoring Which UK car manufacturer produced the Alpine?


14 USA Which city was devastated by an earthquake in 1906?

  San Francisco

15 Geography In which country is the city of Accra?



TB  The year when Lionel Messi  broke the 39 year record for the most goals scored in a British football season by scoring 68 goals?




Holly Bush Sunday Night Quiz

Round 2  


1 Television  Which Paul starred in the Good Life?


2 Art Who famously painted a ceiling for Pope Julius 2nd?

  Michelangelo – the Sistine Chapel

3 Soaps Who was killed in the first episode of EastEnders?

  Reg Cox

4 Food & Drink What type of liqueur is used in a Sidecar?


5 Rivers On which river does St Petersburg stand?


6 Words The study of Fungi is given what name?


7 Geography In which modern country was the capital of the Incan Empire?


8 Models What is the full name of the model known as The Shrimp?

  Jean Shrimpton


9 The Bible What is the fifth book of the New Testament?


10 Comedy In which comedy tv series did Ruth Madoc play Gladys Pugh?

  Hi de Hi

11 Temperatures At what degree Celsius does water freeze?


12 Greek Which author wrote The tortoise and the hare?


13 Art Who painted the girl with the pearl earring?

  Johannes Vermeer

14 Archery How many colours are there on an archery target?


15 Clothing Which type of cloth is made from flax?



TB  The year when the first cordless phone was introduced in Britain?




Holly Bush Sunday Night Quiz

Round 3   


1 Food & Drink  What crisp biscuit is traditionally eaten at Passover?


2 Soaps Which long running drama series features the pub The dog in the pond?


3 Oceans Which is the worlds deepest ocean?

  The Pacific

4 Literature Who wrote 2001 – a space odyssey?

  Arthur C Clarke

5 Music Which orchestra was founded in Manchester in 1858


6 Cycling Which British cycling star and tour de France winner was born in Belgium?

  Bradley Wiggins

7 French Which capital city has more French speaking people than any other outside of Paris?

  Kinshasa, Congo nine million

8 Wonders Which of the 7 wonders still exists?

  Pyramids of Giza


9 Prizes Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

  Marie Curie

10 Coins What was an old five-shilling piece called?

  A Crown

11 History During which war did the battle of Marston Moor take place?

  First English Civil War

12 Politics Who was the Labour Party candidate defeated by Boris Johnson in the London Mayoral election in 2008?

  Ken Livingstone

13 Radio Who took over the BBC radio 2 show after terry Wogan?

  Chris Evans

14 Ologies Of what is graphology the study?


15 Stamps In January 2008 the Post Office published a series of stamps based on the cover of novels featuring which fictional character?

  James Bond


TB  The year when Ernest Bevin the Labour politician died?





The regular Sunday night quiz takes place at the Hollybush Pub, Seighford starting at 8.30pm every week. £1 per person admission fee, cash and wine and chocs as the prizes.